PFS redesigned MARTA’s public restroom and provided an innovative smart solution to a common problem in the transit industry using Exeloo Automated components.
Patrons must call a “virtual restroom attendant” to gain access to the new MARTA bathrooms at Lindbergh Center and Decatur Stations, which are monitored by an overhead camera.

PFS is an authorized distributor of Exeloo Ltd Incorporated

At over 1200 sites worldwide, local authorities, event venues, transit authorities, businesses and tourist attractions rely on the technology, convenience and innovation of Exeloo Automated Public Restrooms.
Exeloo’s commitment to research and development over the past 25 years has created a range of public toilet solutions that are not only popular with users for their cleanliness and convenience, but are also valued by purchasing clients for their ease of maintenance, cost-effectiveness and code compliance.

PFS can help with all your public toilet solutions

In addition to the 6 different design styles and wide range of exterior cladding and roof options, Exeloo also offer 4 levels of interior fit out, from low cost to fully automated options to meet your budget and environmental requirements.

Interior Fitout Levels:

A robust fully automated unit with self cleaning, and a wide range of unique features and options.
A robust semi automated unit with unique features.
A robust manually operated unit.
An economical manually operated unit.

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